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istorical and architectural notions 

The original structure goes back to the end of the 16 th century to the time when Via Porta di Castro was opened.





Casa Orioles

Via Alla Piazza dei Tedeschi 4


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Palazzo Orioles is situated in the centre of an area, now Piazzetta dei Tedeschi, wich at one time housed the German troops who formed the guard at the nearby Royal Palace.

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Palazzo Orioles was named after a Spanish gentleman, Orioles, who was commanding officier of the guards. It was probably built around an existing military construction. During restoration, some evidence of the original structure was found and this leads to believe that its origins were earlier than first believed.
In the surrounding area there are other similar structures: the Tower of Porta Busuemi and the Tower of San Nicoḷ, which today, is the bell tower of the said church. 
During the following centuries many radical changes were made to Palazzo Orioles both in size and its internal layout.

The last and most significant change was made in the 19 th century when the building assumed more or less the aspect it has today. The architects curing the latest restoration aimed to return the building to its original splendor of the 1800s. unfortunately during the last century the building had been used as a hotel for a certain period, been damaged by vandal and even used as a stable.














Casa Orioles - Via alla Piazza dei Tedeschi 4, Palermo
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